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Expanding, page takeover, floating, wrapping units and more—we’ll build your creative concepts into attention-grabbing ads. Tap into the Internet’s potential by using interactive ads that enable your customers to tell you what they want.

Services and Support

Whether you’re an advertiser, agency or publisher, we’ll help you bring your concepts to life. As always, you’ll also be backed by the care and support you’ve come to expect from oneindia.

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Why Use It?

Benefit from deep reporting that goes way beyond the click. Track time spent watching video, mouse-over interactions, poll results, average number of panels interacted with and much more. If you design it, we can track it.


Oneindia offers a suite of data-driven brand engagement and promotion solutions designed to drive consumer interaction while providing insights on your most valuable customers.

Promotions that Yield Insights

With more than 19 million visitors, oneindia offers you a huge audience to work with. And when you conduct your promotion with us, you receive detailed data and insights into your promotion’s performance and the audience it attracted. These insights allow you to optimize for even better yield next time.

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Why Use It?

  • Helps to drive brand awareness and expand the reach of online marketing initiatives
  • Content is filtered for sensitivity to help generate appropriate placements
  • ROI can be tracked separately for Content Match


Oneindia and industry-leading Geographic Targeting solution accurately delivers regionally targeted marketing messages at scale to extremely granular audience segments .With its reach to mass through English and 5 regional languages it targets the exactly to your desired audience.

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Video Advertising

Create rich experiences to engage your audience with Video Advertising on oneindia

Designed specially to let you as an advertiser, take your brand to a new level and engage scores of consumers online.

Discover the efficiency and ease of Video ads on oneindia through our team of dedicated video advertising specialists.

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